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Please Note:
People with a past history of epilepsy or seizures should NOT use brainwave entrainment. Those with heart disorders or taking mood-altering pharmaceutical drugs should consult a doctor before trying. Also, some of the frequencies within the videos may make you feel sleepy. As a good practice, please do not listen whilst you are operating machinery or vehicles or carrying out any responsible duties.

Sound Frequency for Ailments

The foundations of frequency healing began in the 1920’s. The key pioneers were Dr. Albert Abrams, Dr. Ruth Drown, Royal Rife, and Dr. Hulda Clark.  What these pioneers all have in common is a strong scientific background, conventional recognition, and scientific standing until the moment they moved outside of conventional knowledge. Then they all faced persecution and ostracism. All the energy devices of the past 30 years stand on the shoulders of these four people.

Frequency medicine is still in its infancy.  Machines of the recent past include meridian measuring devices such as the EAV, or the Voll acupuncture testing system.  New frequency healing devices centre on the interaction between our thoughts, emotions and beliefs and their impact on our energy template.  Devices, such as the QXCI developed by NASA scientist Bill Nelson; and another called Life Systems, combine biofeedback with signature frequencies. 

Each video provided below has been sourced from YouTube. I have provided the most 'Liked' videos on YouTube (50 videos) and below that my preferred playlist. Now, choose your video, plug in your headphones, sit back and just relax.

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