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Welcome to the Sound Healing Website

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The Sound Healing website provides you with a selection of over 800 videos of sound frequencies, provided as either binaural beats and/or isochronic tones, which are of commonly used to improve intuition, learning ability, memory, creativity, ability to concentrate, as well as to significantly reduce levels of stress and lower levels of chemicals related to stress.

The resonances featured in the website include a selection of videos available on the web covering the following: Relief of Ailments, Astral Projection, Chakra Balancing, Focus and Study, Lucid Dreaming, General Meditation, Schumann Resonances, Sleep Aids, Solfeggio Frequencies, Third Eye and Tibetan Meditations.

Videos in each section have been sourced from YouTube. I have provided the videos as either the 'most liked' or 'oldest first' from YouTube. Below these videos on each page are a few videos that have in my own playlist.

A list of my favourite YouTube channels by producers of binaural beats and isochronic tones has also been included.

Included under the Extras section is a documentary film, "The Structure of Infinity", and also a short but powerful message from the late Terence McKenna entitled "Reclaim Your Mind." This section also contains a 4 part film called Inner Worlds Outer Worlds, which is an examination of the vibratory source that is the root of all scientific and spiritual investigation.

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